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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, May 7, 2017 --( by Keith Felt, VP BTT Client Services

Business Transformation Today (BTT), in collaboration with the SAP software company, announced its strategic partnering agreement with Human Investment Advisory, Inc., the thought leadership advisory and solution company whose revolutionary model focuses on answering the number one challenge for CEOs worldwide, as surveyed by The Conference Board, which is Human Capital. Jim Villwock, CEO and Founder of Human Investment Advisory, will act as BTT’s HR Transformation Business Challenge Expert to help the C Suite measure their HR transformation gaps against market leaders, prioritize investments a company can use to overcome their challenges, and be the thought leader on the BTT/SAP HR Application Standards Review Team.

Human Investment Advisory, Inc., has developed a game-changing model by focusing on filling the strategic gaps between the CEO/Board and their people. Their offerings include facilitating and advising on strategic leadership definitions and processes, implementing those leadership decisions through HR and the organization, and showing employees how to become motivated, aligned, and engaged for both company and personal career success. HIA is also developing strategic digital applications to help CEOs define the business people requirements required to become game changers in their industry and for the CEO and Board level metrics required to support companywide implementation and governance.

“We are pleased to announce our business partnership with Business Transformation Today, LLC., who is also in collaboration with the SAP software company with a new business model that includes business metrics, digital application solutions, integration into SAP software, and a revolutionary configuration and ordering process for SAP sales and channel partners. This alliance will help to influence a wide range of channel digital applications and their clients with our thought leadership and teaming support.” said Jim Villwock, CEO and Founder of Human Investment Advisory, Inc. This agreement will greatly enhance the SAP and Channel value to clients worldwide.

Rick Felt, President/Publisher at BTT & the BTT In-Memory Apps Institute says “Human Investment Advisory, Inc. is increasingly being recognized as a HR Transformation thought leadership advisory and solution company providing strategic, tactical, and employee solutions throughout organizations. We are thrilled to be calling Human Investment Advisory our partner in bringing immediate, measurable, scalable, and sustainable value to the organizations they serve. We also have a broader suite of solutions we will be phasing in over the next few months to assist SAP, channels, and clients with other challenges such as Finance, the Internet of Things, and Procurement – these are very exciting times.”

Organizations interested in learning more about how Human Investment Advisory can provide HR Transformation strategic advisory services, management consulting implementations, and employee engagement improvements can contact Jim Villwock.

Contact: Jim Villwock

Human Investment Advisory Inc.,

Atlanta, Georgia

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office: (678) 485-1687

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