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Executive Biography – Jim Villwock

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Jim Villwock serves as CEO and Founder of Human Investment Advisory, Inc. and is a strategic global business leader with more than 35 years of innovation and results in Fortune 500 and small-to-medium size businesses.

His current focus is answering the number one challenge for CEOs worldwide, as surveyed by The Conference Board, which is Human Capital. HIA offers solutions to close the gaps between the CEO/Board and their people. Closing the gaps results in transformative performance, agility, and alignment that lead to greater revenue, profit, and competitiveness. The secret of the new model is integrating new paradigms into a seamless integrated solution that includes top executives to entry-level employees.

Business Transformation Today (BTT), in collaboration with the SAP software company, is partnering with Human Investment Advisory to act as BTT’s HR Transformation Business Challenge Expert to help the C Suite measure their HR transformation gaps against market leaders, prioritize investments a company can use to overcome their challenges, and be the thought leader on the BTT/SAP HR Application Standards Review Team. HIA is also developing strategic applications for CEOs to define the business people requirements required to become game changers in their industry and for CEO and Board level metrics which support companywide implementation.

His vision, business acumen, and problem solving skills have led to a track record of producing strategic thought leadership. Prior roles included saving companies over $500 million in auditable profit contributions, helping fix business units, start new business that exceeded $1 billion, and purchase of a $5 billion competitor. To achieve that level of impact, Jim constantly has used his ability to see the big picture and create new paradigms that, while common business sense, are revolutionary in practice and results. His thought leadership covers many functions, including finance, operations, supply management, sales, executive leadership, channels, HR/HC, and governance.

Jim’s influence was noted by major partners, Cisco, accepted his advice to change their channel strategy and merge global inventories, Ingram Micro, whom he helped expand into Asia and Pacific markets resulting in their asking him to address their top 500 executives at their global senior leadership conference, and Tech Data, who included him in advisory discussions. He was also one of the top 100 supply management executives who participated at the Michigan State Executive Consortium for Global Procurement along side of peers from GM, Intel, IBM, Ford and many others.

Jim speaks to various groups such as the Strategic Research Institute, APICS, and CxO groups. He also has written five books designed to share knowledge with others, including Jobpreneurship™ 101 which received two book of the year finalist awards. He has also received endorsements from universities, honor societies, many CxOs, and Marshall Goldsmith (2011 Global Business Thought Leader and author of over 22 books on leadership).

To learn more, here is a recent article by Jim: pdf“HR Transformation in a Changing World.”

HIA’s website is

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Executive Biography: Jim Villwock

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